While salmon fishing in the Strait of Juan de Fuca in Washington State, a pair of amateur psychics are contacted telepathically by the leader of an Orca pod, a female seeking help for an injured juvenile pod member.
She has overheard the psychics speaking to each other telepathically.
The Orca calf, had been hit by a speeding boat and seriously injured, it is in great pain and unable to swim.
Psychics, Jake and Dee Kline, are energy healers and Reiki Masters with experience treating small animals.
They go into the water to give healing energy to the injured calf with the assistance of the pod leader and other pod members.
Within an hour, the U. S. Coast Guard arrives on the scene to enforce the whale separation laws.
With the Coast Guard, two Washington State Division of Fish and Wildlife rangers plus a large marine mammal veterinarian from The Oregon Institute of Marine Studies they join to help the injured Orca.


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