Chuck Howerton

I enjoy science fiction, it takes me to faraway places and makes my mind fill with thoughts about writing my novels.
I remember lamenting, in my early years, that I wanted to write novels but I had no idea what to write about.
Someone told me then that no one should try to write before the age of 30.

I tried many times to write fiction, but the process was a mystery to me.
Then, when I was forty, I found my inspiration.

Then the perspiration part began, no one told me how difficult it was going to be.
It is a labor of love, and to be able to write and see the readers enjoy my work is the reward.

I have been dreaming up stories ever since I can remember and never started writing them down for almost as long.
I’ve always been drawn to story and content inside imagination.
In my family books are treasures, gems to be appreciated and shared, and reading is a lifestyle.

I grew up understanding the power of story and the magic of getting lost within the pages of a book, carrying the essence of all those who journeyed inside its covers.
I was grateful it had come my way.

At an early age, I realized it was possible to be changed by a book.
To this day, I can’t start reading the story without being drawn back into it. Whenever I want, I am free to open a book and once again begin a journey.

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